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Hi, everyone..... JJ here….

You know, at 75 years old and being in this industry since I was 3 or so, it’s time I hung up the reins and packed up my tack. I left Florida a few months ago to go back home to Pennsylvania. Being Philly born and bred, I wanted to ride out my time on familiar turf with friends and family that I adore more than life itself. Plus, I still have ‘Our Dominator’ (whom we nicknamed Jack after my wife’s father) getting ready to run soon. I’ll be saying more about that on my Facebook Page in coming weeks.

Some of you might also know that I have a line of Equine Health Supplements (Dominator) being sold on my web store I’ll be shutting down my blog and on Wednesday, July 10th. I’ll be devoting the rest of my time to selling my line, training ‘Our Dominator’ and spending quality time with the family.

I want to thank all of you (almost 30,000 loyal readers) for coming back each and every day and supporting my site. I also want to thank the advertisers and especially Harry Watnik, Dusty Nathan, Ray Paulick, Jonathan Stettin and too many more to mention for their contributions to the site. Their combined knowledge has been invaluable and I hope helpful and enjoyable for all of you.

I, along with my wife Samm (Anita) and my Webmaster Jack want to wish all of you good health, good racing and good luck. I’ll still be on Facebook so drop on by and we can talk about what’s happening in the industry! Be well, everyone. It’s been MY pleasure to serve all of you.

Best regards,