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​'Truth spoken here'


There is going to be a big lull now that The Belmont is over and we Crowned the 13th Triple Crown winner. 

I know the connections of Justify say they are going to run him thru 2018, but I 'mm not completely convinced they will. Remember, they sold the breeding rights to  Coolmore and they, meaning Winstar, keep the racing rights. You have two really big farms involved with different interests in this horse. Justify is more valuable as a stud than a racehorse.... he will earn in the beginning 35 to 40 million a year. If I were Coolmore and had just paid 75 million, Justify would be at the farm sooner than later. Say he goes on and wins his next 3 starts; I'm not sure which route they're going to take. Whichever way they go, they will all be Grade 1 races and can do nothing to hurt his stud fee.... only help it. is where the rub comes in....he is already a Triple Crown Winner and guarantees a very high stud fee. We all know horse racing is the toughest game played  outdoors. Horses are one bad step from a career ending injury and in some cases, death. Personally, me being a businessman, and doing the math, he would never run again. I know he is Insured for a lot but not near his earning potential. Plus the cost of the insurance is outrageous. I realize we all would like to see him run from the standpoint as fans. My question to all of you is, "would 'YOU' let him race again?"